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Hike to The Slides

8 Mile Hike & Park Slides capped off with Ice cream from Mitchell’s
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Let your inner child run wild for the day as you ride the famous slides of the city. They will start the day at the Esmeralda Slide Park in Bernal Heights, make your way up to the Golden Gate Park slides at the Koret Children’s Quarter Playground, then head south to the Seward Street slides in Noe Valley.

Along the route, you will experience some of SF’s greatest staircases. Please be aware, this is a serious hike. They will be hiking a total of eight miles with steep inclines. Don’t be discouraged. Ice cream at Mitchell’s will await you as you loop back down to Bernal Heights.

Hike to The Slides: 8-Mile Hike & Park Slides
Saturday, May 27, 2017 | 1 pm to 5 pm
Esmeralda Slide Park, Winfield St., & Esmeralda Ave. SF

Two of the three slides you are visiting are concrete slides and while not required, a piece of cardboard can always help prevent rips and tears to your clothing and gives you some speed on the way down. Most of the time there are pieces of cardboard leftover from other thrill seekers, however, feel free to bring your own. This is event is free, but if you would like a treat after your adventure, please bring money.

If you would like to attend, please register for this event at Adventures in Common. There are others signed up at Adventures in Common. When you arrive, call or text the event host Glenn “Croc” Millar at (415) 634-7529