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SF’s Pink Triangle Can Be Seen From Space. NASA Will Prove it.

This year’s new pink triangle for Pride is so bright, NASA will take a picture of it from space.
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Thanks to the SF Gate for letting us know that this year’s pink triangle for Pride is so bright it can be seen from space.

On Saturday, SF’s “Pink Triangle” illuminated with 2,700 Pink Lights. A beloved beacon of hope and inclusion, has long been at the center of the city’s annual SF Pride celebration. Patrick Carney’s iconic public art installation celebrated its 25th anniversary atop Twin Peaks, with 2,700 LED nodes of pink light instead of the usual 175 canvases.

Organizers asked NASA to take a photo of it from space and NASA they said yes. We’ll post the photos as soon as they are published.

The Pink Triangle will remain illuminated through July 10, 2020

Illuminate the Pink Triangle will continue to shine until the end of the fundraising campaign on July 10th. Wells Fargo is offering to match all gifts up to $30,000. Your gift will now be doubled! Donate Now!


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On this #PinkSaturday we are proud to #IlluminateThePinkTriangle and Let #Pride Shine!

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