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Leonids Meteor Shower

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The Leonids is an average shower, producing an average of up to 15 meteors per hour at its peak.

In 2015 the expected peak mornings are November 17 and 18. That’s the morning (not the evening) of the 17th and 18th. Fortunately, the waxing moon won’t jeopardize the view of this year’s Leonid meteor shower. Meteor watching is best after midnight.

2015 Leonids Meteor Shower
Peak: November 17 and 18, 2015 | Early Mornings
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The Leonids is produced by dust grains left behind by comet Tempel-Tuttle, which was discovered in 1865. This shower is unique in that it has a cyclonic peak about every 33 years where hundreds of meteors per hour can be seen. That last of these occurred in 2001. The shower runs annually from November 6-30.

Source: EarthSky