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Mayor Breed: SF May Not “Fully” Reopen on June 15

San Francisco will wait for updated data to make decision on whether to abandon restrictions completely.
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Thanks to SF Gate for their interview with London Breed where the mayor responded to a question about the whether or not San Francisco would follow the state’s plans of fully reopening on June 15th.

Although the Mayor praised the city’s progress and high vaccination rate, she said that data will drive the reopening decision and may not abandon restrictions completely as the state plans to allow.

The SF Gate titled their interview article, “Pandemic Exit Interviews: London Breed says SF may not follow state in fully reopening in June.”

Mayor Breed SFGate Interview Excerpt

… do you plan to be more restrictive than the state when June 15 comes and the state plans to “fully reopen” and retire the color-coded tier system?

As for June 15, we’ve been consistent in looking at the data before making decisions. We’re still seeing cases and some hospitalizations so we have to be careful, but we have a very high vaccination rate and will make a decision at that time.

But to abandon restrictions completely — even if the state heads in that direction it may not be best for San Francisco. I’m trying to avoid standing up and telling residents to shelter in place again. We will center our June 15 decision around keeping the public safe.

Read the full interview at SF Gate

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