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Meet the SF Zoo’s Brand New Baby Giraffe

What’s just a few days old and already over 6-feet tall?
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The San Francisco Zoo & Gardens recently welcomed a new addition to the giraffe family, a female calf born Friday, April 8, 2016 at 9:40 am in the Bernard Osher Foundation Giraffe Barn. Mother, Barbro, and her calf are in excellent condition.

The calf stood up and took her first steps within 30 minutes of birth. She’s already more than six-feet tall!

The newest arrival joins six other giraffes in the herd. The calf, not yet named, has a two-year-old sister, Sarah. Dad, Floyd, has fathered a number of giraffes at the Zoo.

The calf has not yet been on exhibit as new mothers and babies are given privacy to bond. The public will get its first glimpse in the coming days.

Pictures and video were taken when the calf was just five-hours-old