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See SF’s New “Say Her Name” Mural in Union Square

A powerful portrait to commemorate Black women who have died as a result of police brutality
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Check out the new “Say Her Name” mural on Hotel Abri by artist Kate Tova. The Union Square Business Improvement District partnered with Paint the Void to bring this mural to a local business that is closed due to the COVID-19 Shelter in Place.

Where is the mural? Hotel Abri is located at Ellis and Taylor in Union Square in San Francisco

The artist describes this powerful portrait as commemorating black women who have died as a result of police brutality, but rather than portraying just one of the victims, she decided to combine their features to create one figure to represent all of them. 

According to Kate, it started one afternoon when she felt really heavy after reading story after story about these young women who had died and made a simple drawing looking at their faces. Shortly after, she got an idea about making it into a mural. She has been wanting to make a thick texture multimedia mural for a long time. After driving through boarded-up downtown San Francisco she realized that this was the perfect moment to bring her idea to life. She contacted Paint the Void and they quickly connected her to a local boarded-up business.

Kate is hoping as people see beautiful paintings around town, they’ll donate to the project and allow many more artists to brighten up the city. She is also planning on auctioning off the original painting to benefit the local black community (charity TBD). Limited edition prints are available at katetova.com/shop with 100% of profits that will benefit the Black Artist Fund.

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