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Geeking Out at How-To Night

Free tutorials from experts in the kinds of things that will make you hipper, wiser and possibly nerdier.
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Curator Juliana Gallin ran the beloved Ask A Scientist lecture series (which got so popular they took a break to figure out how to deal with the crowds) and then started How-To Night as a way to reach a wider audience within the intimacy of the Bazaar Cafe, a comfort beacon in the dreary Outer Richmond.

This time, instead of having solely scientific topics, Gallin brings in people who can lecture about anything from magic tricks to publishing. Depending on the topics the two-hour evening presentations can get rowdy or have the reserve of a library. This is smaller and cozier than Nerd Night and the Ask Dr. Hal Show but this one’s totally free which is always a plus.

What You Can Learn at “How To” Nights:

  • You can learn about stuff that are bound to make you popular: like the time a home brewer talked about what it takes to bottle your own suds.
  • Some events were meant to keep you up to date with trends you don’t want to miss out on. There was a guy last May explaining what it take to (inexpensively) become a videoblogger and move past the–yawn–neophyte blogger phase.
  • Do you have an overgrown, overlooked backyard? Another How-To Night explained how you can grow your own vegetables in the City, even if you have an apartment.

HOW-TO NIGHTLearn to do just about anything
— 2nd Wednesday. Starts at 7 pm.
— COST: FREE but please purchase edibles/potables from cafe
Bazaar Cafe: 5927 California @ 21st Avenue

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn about? Know someone who could share their peculiar knowledge with others? Gallin welcomes suggestions and recommendations so write to her through her website. You know, like you would with Mythbusters.

How To Night – March 9, 2011 (7p)
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