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Vandals Target Oakland Mayor’s Home Over Defunding Police

Libby Schaaf’s house vandalized and fireworks set off in street earlier this week.
By - posted 7/24/2020 No Comment

Thanks to SF Gate and KRON4 for letting us know about the vandalism on Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s home earlier this week.

“Blood on your hands”, “Wake up Libby” and “Defund OPD” are some of the defacements seen at the vandalized home of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf around 2am on Tuesday, July 21st. It was also reported that the vandals set off fireworks in the street and launched projectiles at the Mayor’s house.

The Mayor released a statement condemning the “attack,” saying it “does not advance democracy.” 

The vandalism came just a few hours before the mayor voted “no” on diverting $11 million police funds, because the city had already redirected over $14 million from the Oakland Police Department back in June.