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Outdoor Dining is Now Allowed (Again) in Oakland & Berkeley

This morning, Alameda County received reopen outdoor dining, after having shut it down just a few days ago
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As of this morning (July 15th) state and county health orders now allow outdoor dining in Alameda County and the city of Berkeley to open again. Restaurants can also provide delivery and take out of food and drinks, which can include alcohol.

This latest approve takes place after the county approved reopening, then banned the reopening and after five cities announced that they would not enforce the ban.

See the Alameda County Press Release announcing resumption of outdoor dining

These resumption of dining is possible because Alameda County, with the assistance of the City of Berkeley as a separate local health jurisdiction, received approval for a state variance to allow outdoor dining.

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“Outdoor dining can resume. Please note that face coverings are required at ALL times and may only beremoved during the physical act of eating or drinking.”

In Berkeley, restaurateurs interested in using streets or sidewalks for dining can prepare permit applications for eventual outdoor dining by seeing our guidance for outdoor commerce and dining.