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Outdoor Dining Still Happening in North Beach (Of Course)

Restaurants like Original Joes in North Beach allowing “to go” diners to use their table, parklet and heat lamps
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San Francisco’s current stay-at-home order which specifically bans outdoor dining. But ABC7 reports that restaurants like Original Joe’s in North Beach appear to be violating the spirit of the rule by serving “to go orders” and then allowing people to eat at their outdoor dining area in their parklet where their tables are being stored while their heat lamps are turned on at full blast.

Isn’t this how parklets used to be before COVID? In a way, yes. Treating a parklet as a public space independent from a restaurant is similar to the pre-COVID rules for parklets which were considered “public spaces” – similar to a public park with benches and tables – and open to anyone (not just diners).

Prior to COVID, restaurants actually couldn’t serve you in their parklets. Remember having a server having to place your food on a counter 10 feet from your parklet table and you had to go pick it up and walk it the final few feet to your parklet space? 

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Original Joe’s To Go Hours
601 Union Street at Stockton, North Beach SF
See the to-go menu
– Monday-Friday | 4-9pm
– Saturday | 12-9pm
– Sunday | 12-8pm

If you’d like to order real take out from Original Joe’s, just please take it home.