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What to Do on a Rainy Day in SF

Some awesome ideas for fun when it’s gloomy and wet
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You could curl up with a book on your couch on a rainy day.

You could just lounge in your PJs all day with drinks in hand.

But we’ve got some better ideas. See what kind of awesome (and cheap) shenanigans you can get yourself into on a rainy day in San Francisco. Photo credit 

Throw a Soup Party

Throw some ingredients into one pot and invite people over in a few hours to have them enjoy what they’ll think is a dish you really stew-ed over.

Make it soup-er hipster-y and turn it into a beer and soup tasting party. If everyone brings a different kind of soup, or maybe at least three different kinds, you can include some local brews and have everyone guess the type and style.

>To kick it up another notch (a la Emeril Lagasse), make a cheddar beer soup with a delicious stout (Anchor Flying Cloud is an amazing one you can find in SF). I made this recipe and won the award for most-bestest-awesomest soup of the night.

And for inspiration, here’s a massive list of Bay Area breweries and local beer stores

Go Climb a Rock (Indoors)

Regular gyms are bo-ring! On a rainy day go to Mission Cliffs or Dogpatch Boulders instead and get a killer workout (and maybe meet some cuties with a talent for balancing) at the climbing gym.

Both these places are huge, have a wide range of ways to get your workout on, and are fun and challenging. While a day pass is a bit costly for Funcheap ($15, without equipment rental, which is another $5), it’s super reasonable for a whole friggin’ day, so stop complaining and fork over three Lincolns. You aren’t forced to work out in solitary confinement, and people are always happy to give pointers or belay you. It’s worth the splurge.

Attend a “Groupmuse”

Groupmuse is an awesome Kickstarter campaign that aims to bring professional musicians to people’s homes to share classical music in a comfortable setting. There are dozens of Groupmuses being hosted all over SF and the East Bay every night, all you need to do is go on their website and RSVP to one. The best part is, it’s free!

You can bring a drink and some snacks to share with others, and hopefully make a donation to support the musicians at the end. Or, if you feel like hosting one, list your home as an available space and sit back and relax and listen to some sweet jams. You never know if you’re going to hear opera music being sung to beat boxing tunes or if there will be a 4-piece brass quartet serenading you. It’s pretty San Frantastic.

Have a Home-Cooked Meal… Cooked by Someone Else

One of the best things about San Francisco is that you can be too lazy to do anything, because you can always pay someone else to do it for you. Massage at home? You can reserve in an hour. Need some toilet paper delivered to your front door? Your Task Rabbit will go pick it up and hop over in two blinks of the Mad Hatter’s eye.

Similarly, if you’re too lazy to cook when it’s yucky outside, you can order a rainy day home-cooked meal from a neighbor with Josephine, which offers meals every night of the week (even non rainy ones). There’s plenty of options for all you dairy-free, gluten-free, whatever-free you are. 

And they’re super affordable, too (meals are around $9-13).

The only catch? You gotta go pick it up yourself. So bring an umbrella for that part and get ready to meet a neighbor who loves to cook. If you’re feeling particularly social, there’s even apps that allow you to attend multiple-course meals with strangers.