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SF Says No More Dog Parks

Updated “Shelter-in-Place” rules get more restrictive and extended through May 3rd
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Six Bay Area counties announced even more restrictive “Shelter-in-place” rules on March 31st which extends the order until May 3rd. The biggest updates are that dog parks, picnic areas and playgrounds must close.

Highlights: Social Distancing Update (3/31/20)

There are many updates, but here are the highlights

  • Shelter-in-Place Extended to May 3, 2020 – extended an additional 26 days
  • No outdoor activity with shared equipment (i.e. frisbee or a ball) with anyone outside your household
  • Dog Parks, playgrounds, picnic areas, tennis courts, golf course and pools must close
    • Sport courts, including all basketball, tennis and pickleball courts
    • Picnic areas, including barbecue areas
    • Dog parks
    • Archery ranges

Want Specifics of What is/Isn’t Allowed?

Outdoor recreation is still allowed (walking, hiking, biking, running) without limitation as long as people follow social distancing requirements, but here is the full text of the latest updates the exceptions and is no longer allowed

  1. Outdoor recreation activity at parks, beaches, and other open spaces must be in conformance with any restrictions on access and use established by the Health Officer, government, or other entity that manages such area to reduce crowding and risk of transmission of COVID-19. Such restrictions may include, but are not limited to, restricting the number of entrants, closing the area to vehicular access and parking, or closure to all public access;
  2. Use of recreational areas with high-touch equipment or that encourage gathering, including, but not limited to, playgrounds, outdoor gym equipment, picnic areas, dog parks, and barbecue areas, is prohibited outside of residences, and all such areas shall be closed to public access including by signage and, as appropriate, by physical barriers;
  3. Use of shared facilities for recreational activities outside of residences, including, but not limited to, golf courses, tennis and pickle ball courts, rock parks, climbing walls, pools, spas, shooting and archery ranges, gyms, disc golf, and basketball courts is prohibited and those areas must be closed for recreational purposes, including by signage and, as appropriate, by physical barriers. Such facilities may be repurposed during the emergency to provide essential services needed to address the COVID-19 pandemic; and
  4. Sports or activities that include the use of shared equipment may only be engaged in by members of the same household or living unit.

> Read the full 3/31/20 health order (PDF)

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