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SF Confirms It Will Fully Reopen June 15th

Except for large-scale indoor & outdoor events, all capacity and distancing restrictions will be removed on June 15
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During a live webinar on Tuesday afternoon, Mayor London Breed confirmed that the City of San Francisco will be fully reopening along with the state of the California on June 15th.

“We are ready to go along with the state and reopen San Francisco on June 15th. That means no more capacity restrictions for your businesses. No more distancing requirements.” – Mayor London Breed, 6/8/21

Read the full details at sfmayor.org

  • Where does SF differ from California and the CDC? The mayor stated that there will still be some temporary restrictions for large-scale indoor events (5,000+) and large-scale outdoor events (10,000+) and in certain settings like healthcare facilities, shelters and skilled nursing facilities.
  • What about Muni and BART? Masks will still be required on public transportation through September.
  • What about masks indoors at work? This is unclear at the moment due to OSHA rules to protect the unvaccinated. As of 6/4/21 the latest rules were that if you work indoors with anyone who is unvaccinated, you’ll likely need to still wear a mask.
  • Can businesses require masks? Yes. Any business can choose to require you to wear a mask.
  • Can businesses require proof of vaccination? San Francisco says that that businesses may require proof of vaccination, but it is unclear whether this may violate any HIPAA protections.

The updates San Francisco Health Order will allow fully vaccinated people to not wear a mask except where required by fed/state/local rules or if a local business requires it.

This is an evolving news story and details may change.