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Where (and Why) SF Marathon Runners Will Need to Wear Masks

There are about 6.7 miles of the San Francisco Marathon where runners are required to wear masks, including the Golden Gate Bridge
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Thanks to KCBS for letting us know that for some portions of the San Francisco Marathon which takes place on Sunday, September 19, 2021, runners will need to wear masks.

The race’s health protocols state that National Park property requires all runners to wear masks – there are two sections where the race goes through National Park property – the crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge and nearby areas in Marin and the Presidio, plus Fort Mason. Other areas where masks are required are at the crowded start areas. 

The mask zone areas cover about 6.7 miles of the race.

According to KCBS, “Runners who don’t wear masks could be fined by the National Park Service or face disqualification, race officials said. The National Park Service has said visitors who violate the mask requirement on its properties “may be subject to citations as appropriate.” Read the full details on KCBS

SF Marathon Health Protocols + Mask Rules

On-course mask requirements. National Park property requires all runners to wear masks. There will be signs indicating the zones. If you run without a mask in these zones you maybe disqualified or may be fined by the National Parks. Full Course mask zones: Miles 2.5-3, Miles 5.5 to 7, $ Miles 8.5-13.15. Half Course mask zones: Miles 5.5-6.5, & Miles 10.5-11. 10K Course mask zones: Miles 3.2-4.5. Ultra 1,st leg: miles 22-22.2 and 23.25-23.80. And the entire Sat 5kCourse Maps Separate Race Start Times: (updated 8/15) Full 5:40, Half 6:45, 10K 7:30 & 5K 7:45. Wearing of masks or face coverings is required at the start areas.