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All SF Parking Meters Now 50¢ / Hour

Through at least April 7, all meters down to 50¢ for cars and 10¢ for motorcycles
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Given the significant shifts in parking demand, the city implemented a temporary rate change for all parking meters citywide through the period of the Public Health Order.

All San Francisco parking meters will be reduced to their base rates through April 7:

  • $0.50/hour for vehicle parking
  • $0.10/hour for motorcycle parking

SFMTA is maintaining a minimal fee to ensure there continues to be turnover around essential services, such as grocery stores, medical facilities and banks.

Please note that we are not sure if this is all meters in the city, or just those operated by SFMTA. Sometimes there are different rules for meters operated by the Port of San Francisco (typically within a block or so of the waterfront and near the Ballpark)

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