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SF Zoo Welcomes Baby Penguins

Say hello to San Francisco’s cutest new residents, 6 penguin chicks
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Say hello to San Francisco’s cutest new residents, six baby penguins.

The San Francisco Zoo welcomed 5 male chicks and 1 female chick. The babies are currently in Fish School where they will learn how to swim, eat whole fish and become more familiar with their animal caretakers before heading out to Penguin Island at the end of the month.

The Zoo also lovingly shared that two of the chicks were raised by s were raised by male/male couples. First time dads Rupert and Winston are raising one chick, and for seasoned parents, Eduardo and Rio, the new baby is their 3rd chick they have fostered together. These pairs built nests together, carefully tended to their borrowed egg and provided wonderful care for their adopted chick before the chicks headed to Fish School.

The San Francisco Zoo is home to one of the largest and most successful breeding colonies of Magellanic penguins in the world having fledged approximately 220 chicks since 1985.