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SF’s 420 Party in GG Park is Canceled for 2020

The city will try to keep Hippie Hill empty on April 20th… Good luck.
By - posted 3/24/2020 No Comment

Due to the ongoing concerns around COVID-19 the annual 420 Hippie Hill celebration on April 20, 2020 in Golden Gate Park has been officially cancelled by the city.

This is to minimize social gathering and potential spread of this virus in the community. It’s probably no use, but let’s hope everyone abides by this and stays at home.

But the celebration on 420 doesn’t have to end just because Hippie Hill is off limits. Last week, the SF Department of Health decided that SF’s cannabis dispensaries are considered “essential” and could stay open during “shelter in place.”

So instead of crowding Golden Gate Park, just lay out a bunch of trash on your living room floor, break out your bongo drums and light one up from the safety of your own home.

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