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SF’s Iconic Ghirardelli Square Sign Going Dark for 2 Months

The 19-foot-tall iconic sign from 1915 is getting refurbished with LED lights and a new paint job.
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Thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle for letting us know that the huge Ghirardelli Square sign in San Francisco is about to “vanish.”

The sign, originally built in 1915 and restored in 1964 is being taken down, replicated one letter at a time and will be back “brighter than ever.”

The iconic sign is 19-feet tall and 152 feet wide. New LED lights will be installed and will match the old style as much as possible.

It took over 2 years of work with the San Francisco Planning Department and Historic Preservation Commission to approve the process.

The unveiling of the new sign is expected take place in September.

Read the full story at SF Chronicle.