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Salesforce Tower is Now SF’s Tallest Building

Does Size Matter? Tranny Building no longer Tops in SF
By - posted 10/18/2016 No Comment

Does size really matter?

In the realm of skyscraper architecture, perhaps. Although there was initially some confusion as to when exactly this happened, ABC7 News says the Salesforce Tower is now SF’s tallest building, having finally surpassed the height of the Transamerica Pyramid, which stands at a static 853 feet.

This makes the still-under-construction Salesforce Tower the tallest building in San Francisco and ends an era where the Pyramid reigned supreme.

Of course, in this real-time, ‘everything at the touch of a button’ world we live in, architecture and engineering buffs can check out the progress of the Salesforce Tower via its sorta-live construction feed.

Salesforce Tower still has a long way to go until completion in 2018. But, at least in terms of height, it’s already the clear winner. However, the Tranny Building’s 44-year history as king of the San Francisco cityscape – both in terms of height and iconic profile will be hard to surpass.

Here’s a quick rundown of the top 6 tallest buildings in SF as of 2018:

  1. Salesforce Tower (1,070 feet) – Under Construction
    An office skyscraper under construction and due to be completed in 2018, it’s located in the south of Market district of downtown San Francisco, and will be home to its anchor tenant – Salesforce.com.
  1. Transamerica Pyramid (853 feet)
    Built in 1972, this once-controversial but now iconic 4-sided pyramid-shaped tower is located at 600 Montgomery Street.
  1. 181 Fremont (801 feet) – Under Construction
    At 801 feet, this mixed-use tower in SoMa – next to the Transbay Terminal –  will soon take its place as the 3rd tallest building in San Francisco, bumping the Millennium Tower off the top 5 list.
  1. 555 California Street (779 feet)
    Completed in 1969, it was formerly known as the Bank of America Center, and is nestled in the heart of the Financial District.
  1. 345 California Center (695 feet)
    This building, with its distinctive twin spires, was completed in 1986, and is formerly the 3rd tallest building in the city.
  1. Millennium Tower (645 feet)
    This condominium skyscraper, which was completed in 2009, has the distinct honor of being the tallest building in SF to include residences, and hangs on to the number 5 spot on the list (for now).

And for those feeling nostalgic, although the Salesforce Tower will also soon surpass the cross atop Mount Davidson (103-foot cross atop a 928-foot-tall mountain for a total height of 1,032 feet) we have a ways to go until the current leader gets overtaken as the tallest structure.

Sutro Tower is 977 feet tall and rises 1,811 feet above sea level and will continue to have the best purview over the city… for now.