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Skate Before Haight

Pulling a 180, a pro skater sets up shop in the Lower Haight
By - posted 10/1/2010 2 Comments

Azikiwee Anderson may have once been a pro skater and an X-Games judge, but when he started up a new shop in the Lower Haight four years ago, he was looking for a bit of change.

So don’t come to D-Structure expecting to load up on skate brands, boards or decks – you won’t find any of that here.

Instead, Anderson and his partners have brought in their own artists and created a unique clothing boutique that blurs the line between retail store, art gallery and performance space in a big way.

In addition to selling urban hoodies and t-shirts, and hip beanies (including their own custom designs) there are times whichn D-Structure actually doesn’t seem to mind not selling any of this merchandise. And in fact, sometimes they go so far as to even hide it –  all so they can let artists and DJs take practically the entire store over and run the asylum themselves.

Every month, this self-described “lifestyle clothing brand culture store” lets local independent artists take over the space and use the entire store as their canvas.

For launch parties, which take place several times each month, the merchandise displays are pushed to the walls to make room for DJs and events that range from art openings with live painting, to indie rock shows, hip hop album release parties and film screenings.

And did we mention free drinks? During its nighttime events, most of which are free and open to the public, D-Structure often gives early arrivals free drinks. Come on the right night and they’ve even been known to bring in a truck load of beer like they did on New Year’s Eve – all for free, of course if you’re 21 or over.

– 520 Haight Street at Fillmore Street, SF (Lower Haight)
– 415-252-8601
– Open Mondays through Saturdays, Noon to 8pm; Sundays, Noon to 6pm; Evenings for special events