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Let it Snow… Let it Snow!!!

A list of the rooftop gardens, parks and peaks to give you the best chance to watch the first flakes fall.
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Snow Update: The SFGate now says there might not be any snow until Friday evening at the earliest and even then, it may not hit below the 1,000 foot mark.
[San Francisco 5-day weather forecast]

Are you ready for snow?

To get ready for this weekend, check out these classic photos of San Francisco Snow storms from 1882 to 1976.

It’s going to be coooold in the Bay Area on Friday or Saturday as temperatures are supposed to dip into the 30s and snow (yes… friggin snow!) could fall at elevations as low as 300 feet.

That means snow in downtown San Francisco is unlikely (it last snowed in downtown in 1976) but that’s only talking about the ground…. what if you were 15 stories up?

Here’s our picks for our favorite places to experience snow if it starts falling on Friday!

The Rooftop Garden at 343 Sansome: One of your best chances to see snow in downtown is to head up to the rooftop deck of 343 Sansome – a 15 story building at Sansome and Sacramento with a public rooftop garden. It’s totally free and open to the public during the day and there’s plenty of tables and benches to hang out and have a cold lunch and was the first flakes (go though the lobby and take the elevator to the 15th floor “Sun Terrace.” Open to the public 10am to 5pm Monday through Friday)

Seward Street Slides: It may not be the tallest park in SF, but it might be the most fun – especially if a little bit of ice has formed. Bring cardboard or a plastic tray stolen from McDonalds and hurtle yourself down the dangerous (and probably icy) concrete Seward Street Slides that were never intended for children, but no one really cares. This park sits just above the 300 foot elevation mark on Kite Hill (just west from 20th Street and Douglass above the Castro).

The Hills: If you need to head above 300 feet to get your best chance at snow, why not try one of San Francisco’s 47 hills? Here’s the 20 tallest hills in the city to give you the best chance at being where the first flakes fall.

Name Height
1 Mount Davidson 925 ft (282 m)
2 Twin Peaks South (Noe Peak) 910 ft (280 m)
3 Mount Sutro 909 ft (277 m)
4 Twin Peaks North (Eureka Peak) 904 ft (276 m)
5 Forest Hill 778 ft (237 m)
6 Edgehill Mountain 734 ft (224 m)
7 Red Rock Hill (Diamond Heights) 689 ft (210 m)
8 Gold Mine Hill (Diamond Heights) 679 ft (207 m)
9 Larsen Peak (Grand View Park) 666 ft (203 m)
10 Tank Hill (Above the Castro) 650 ft (200 m)
11 Mount Olympus 570 ft (170 m)
12 Buena Vista Heights 569 ft (173 m)
13 McLaren Ridge 515 ft (157 m)
14 Corona Heights 510 ft (160 m)
15 Candlestick Point 500 ft (150 m)
16 Merced Heights 500 ft (150 m)
17 Lone Mountain 448 ft (137 m)
18 Bernal Heights 433 ft (132 m)
19 Strawberry Hill (Stow Lake) 412 ft (126 m)
20 Castro Hill (Liberty Hill) 407 ft (124 m)

Did we forget anywhere? Leave us a comment below and share with the group!

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