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When Spock Owned San Francisco

Star Trek IV visited San Francisco in 1986 and it was awesome.
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Leonard Nimoy died on February 27, 2015. He lived long and prospered and also left his mark on San Francisco.

Here’s some of Spock’s greatest Bay Area hits from 1980s super fun time travel film Star Trek IV where the gang traveled back in time to modern day (i.e. 1986) San Francisco to try to save some whales. (and a few other films). Who hasn’t wanted to do the vulcan nerve pinch on some jerk on Muni!

Rest in peace, Spock!

Being extra logical near Crissy Field (Star Trek IV)

So you’re telling me I can bid on hotel rooms and have no idea exactly where i’ll be staying?

What is “exact change”? Trying to catch the bus at Columbus and Pacific (Star Trek IV)

Spock does what we’ve all wanted to do on the bus (Star Trek IV)

Spock gets the the slow clap for taking out the trash (Star Trek IV)

No hard feelings… Photo: Junk Ball Media

Columbus and Pacific (Star Trek IV)

Doesn’t he know just to order an Uber? (Star Trek IV)

Behind the scenes Spock runs the show (Columbus & Pacific)

It’s all smiles until someone gets fat and loses a toupee.

Just ’cause it’s an awesome film (Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1979)