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Super Bowl City vs. Homeless Tent City

Activists setting up a tent city right next to Super Bowl City.
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Mayor Ed Lee told the homeless they “have to leave” for the Super Bowl. This is a protest to say, “Hey Mayor Ed Lee, No Penalties for Poverty.” Come out in your red & gold Niners colors to #TackleHomelessness at this protest

Super Bowl Protest to Tackle Homelessness
Wednesday, February 3, 2016 – 4:30 pm
Sinbad’s | 1 Embarcadero, SF

Meet up is at 4:30 pm in front of Sinbad’s on Embarcadero next to the Ferry Building. They are going to set up a tent city, with plenty of visuals next to Super Bowl City. Bring signs and banners and cardboard cut-outs of houses with the #TakeBackSF and #TackleHomelessness hashtags on them. Bring noisemakers and invite musicians and performers. Please Note: Bring tents only if you don’t mind them getting confiscated.

Homeless Statistics:

  • There’s 1 shelter bed for every 6 homeless
  • There’s an 8,000 person long wait for housing
  • 3,300 Children make up SF’s homeless
  • 61% have disabilities
  • 11,000 citations were given to homeless for resting in SF last year

Super Bowl-Related Statistics:

  • 25% of the costs for Superbowl ads would be enough to end homelessness in SF (Each 30-second Superbowl ad costs 5 million.)
  • The $5 million cost to SF to host the Superbowl would house 500 homeless people.
  • Citations to the homeless are already up 30% from last year.

The Protester’s Demands:

We, the people of San Francisco, demand that Super Bowl City and Ed Lee pay and invest $5 million right now in housing – we could house 500 people immediately with that money.

We also demand the use of publicly-owned assets, such as the empty Pier 29 or 80, or the land under the Freeway at 101/Cesar Chavez, and create monitored programs that support secure sleep, hygienic toileting, and access to transition/healing services.

We want an end to the criminalization of poverty and the continued violations of poor people’s civil and human rights. All resources currently being used for law enforcement of anti-homeless laws must be immediately re-directed to housing and support services.

Come out in your red & gold Niners colors to #TackleHomelessness. Join the Coalition on Homelessness, First they came for the homeless, and Broke-Ass Stuart as we protest the mayor’s unjust plan and demand immediate housing for our city’s unhoused residents.