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Super Bowl XLVI: Where to Watch

Forget the usual sports bars. How ’bout unlimited BBQs, free drinks, comedy commentators and 30-foot screens instead?
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The hardcore Patriots and Giants fans probably have already scoped out exactly where they are watching the 2012 Super Bowl and have their faces already. But for most everyone else, it’s about the food, the beer, the games and the commercials.

Forget about the usual sports bars, this is all about who has the the best drink specials, the biggest screens and the best free food. 

Instead, here’s FuncheapSF’s guide to the best places in the San Francisco Bay Area to watch Super Bowl XLVI.

FuncheapSF’s Super Bowl XLVI Guide | 2012
>> The Best Places to Watch the Big Game | San Francisco and the Bay Area

Super Bowl Heavy Metal Chili Cookoff
– Bottom of the Hill / Potrero Hill
Do the Super Bowl “Bottom of the Hill” style at this concert venue where the game will be shows on several screens with DJs and with chili! After the judges taste the 20 entries you’ll be allowed to sample whatever is left. Free admission, but bring a complementary side dish to share. | FREE

Free Sh*tty Dive Bar BBQ
– Delerium / Mission District
As long as you buy two drinks,  you can dine on free bbq like burgers and hot dogs at their annual Super Bowl party. The screens are small, but the drinks are cheap with happy hour until 7pm | FREE with 2 drink min.

Super Bowl: Men In Tights (Mystery Science Theatre 3000-style)
– Roxie Theater / Mission District
SFIndieFest hosts “Super Bowl XLV: Men In Tights” with the game shown on the big screen (relatively) at the Roxie Theater with comedians making fun of the game, the commercials and probably the crowd ala Mystery Science Theater 3000. | FREE but donations accepted

Free Hot Dog “Hobbit Hole” Teeny Tiny TV Super Bowl Party
– Frankenart Mart | Western Addition
Hmmm.. how to describe this… Well, if you don’t care about the game, but you love hot dogs and can appreciate quirky imaginative art, this teeny tiny art gallery is hosting a Super Bowl “Hobbit” party with a teeny tiny TV screen and a free hot dog battle between veggie and beef. (hint, beef wins every year) | FREE

Superbash XIV: $10 All You Can Eat BBQ
– Elixir / Mission District
MoDaddy returns with his Caddillac Gril and the “MoBQ”. Bar opens at noon, party at 1pm and there’s a $10 all-you-can-eat BBQ during the game. The menu is still being determined, but if it’s anything like their NFL season BBQ, expect burgers, dogs and salad plus drink specials | FREE admission | $10 for BBQ

Super Bowl Beach Party & Free Giant Sub
– The Riptide / Outer Sunset
For a divey and comfy Super Bowl experience, take the L ’til it ends and Ocean Beach and partake in the free giant sub sandwich that bartender Jean is providing for bar guests. Plus $2 beers, a fireplace and outdoor lounge with a view of the ocean if you need a smoke because your team isn’t covering the spread | FREE

221″ Screen Super Bowl Party
– The Independent | NoPa
This concert venue takes to the day off from live music to pull out its 221 inch screen (that’s 12 feet by 14 feet) to show the Super Bowl.  The bar sells beer and cocktails, but for grubbing it’s strictly BYOFood.. but there are tons of great options along Divisadero and the venue is more than happy for you to pick up food at Nopalito, The Little Chihuahua or Little Star Pizza to bring in. | FREE

Win a Coin Flip: Free Beer!
– Jasper’s Corner Tap / Tenderloin
For everyone there’s $2 food specials, but for the first 20 people through the door have a chance to play for the purposely vague “seriously big prizes. They’ll also be giving away prizes every quarter and you’ll have the opportunity to flip a coin for a free beer.  | FREE, but coin flip deal might be limited

Movie Theater Super Bowl Party | LIVERMORE
– Vine Cinema / Livermore
Patriots? Giants? Whichever team you’re rooting for, watch the Super Bowl on the biggest screen in East Bay – we’re talking 30 feet wide in HD with seating for over 200 people at this Livermore movie theater with tables and couches. | FREE

Free Super Bowl Buffet & Post Game Concert 
– The Abbey Tavern | Inner Richmond
Normally a bar for fans of soccer, The Abbey Tavern hooks you up for our kind of “football” with a complimentary buffet during the game and bloody mary special. and a free post-game concert | FREE

Free Hot Dog Super Bowl Party
– George & Walt’s / Oakland
The jukebox will be turned off and all nine of George & Walt’s TVs will be tuned to the game. Admission is free but most importantly there’s free hot dogs to clog your colon just in the time for the game | FREE

Free Food for NY Giants Fans
– Ace’s / Tenderloin
Wear your NY Giants gear and you’ll be in good company at this TL bar which will hook you up with free food. Free admission, but arrive early… Giants fans (presumably on east coast time) start claiming seats as early as 9am | FREE

Got a favorite place to watch the Super Bowl that we missed? Leave us a comment below!

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