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10,000 Never Before Seen Historic Photos of SF

Epic private collection of old-school SF photos is finally online
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In a recently released private collection of over 100,000 historical images of San Francisco from the 1850s-1970s are being seen for the first time in brand new light on OpenSFHistory.org, a program of the Western Neighborhoods Project. Photo Credit: Emiliano Echeverria/Randolph Brandt Collection via OpenHistory.org

The collection, which just went online in November 2015, features about the first 10,000 (actually it’s 4,203) images that have been scanned, but they’re adding more all the time. Many of the sights seen in the photos are still visible today, however maybe more crowded or tourist-y.

But nonetheless, the city hasn’t appeared to change all that much, save for the startups and increased public nudity.

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The Richmond Blog tells us that Open San Francisco History has been able to put over 10,000 images online already, which are now available for your viewing pleasure over here. They are truly amazing to see, especially after visiting many of the same sites that are still popular today like Sutro Baths and the (third) Cliff House.

There are also some photos of architecture that aren’t part of the SF we know today, like the first and second Cliff Houses or the Panama Pacific International Exposition, built in 1915 to celebrate the rebirth of the city after the fire.

Take a look through the online galleries, add some locations to your must-see list in San Francisco, and see how The City has reinvented itself time and again over the last 150+ years.

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