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“Unsilent Night” Boombox Christmas Parade

15th annual free outdoor participatory sound sculpture played through smartphones and boomboxes.
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Unsilent Night” is artist Phil Kline’s free outdoor participatory sound sculpture played through smartphones and boomboxes where the audience becomes the performer.

“Carolers” play one of four tracks of music downloaded to their smart phone, or anything that amplifies music, together comprising “Unsilent Night.” The public ensemble will walk a carefully chosen route through San Francisco, creating a unique mobile sound sculpture.

Everyone presses “play” at the same time and revelers hit the streets surrounded in a wash of beautiful noise and holiday ambiance.

15th Annual Unsilent Night
Saturday, December 9, 2017 | 5-6 pm
Mission Dolores Park, SF

How to Participate in Unsilent Night
Meet on Dolores Street at the Dolores Park tennis courts by the corner of 18th St. Bring your own boombox, laptop, phone or ipod with speakers. There will be cassette tapes and CDs available for handout. We recommend that you arrive a few minutes early.

Get the Music:

>Make your own CD or .mP3 playlist by downloading the following tracks:

> Download the Phil Kline Unsilent Night Phone App and hook up your bluetooth speakers.
> Bring your old-school boombox. They’ll provide the cassette tapes.
> Livestream Audio via SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/unsilentnight