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Uplifting: Doctors See “Flatter Curve” in Bay Area

Thanks to everyone staying at home, the Bay Area appears to be making progress
By - posted 3/31/2020 No Comment

It’s far to early to claim “mission accomplished” but according to Politico, state leaders and Bay Area doctors are cautiously optimistic that the area’s early moves to shelter in place seem like they are having an impact and have helped local hospitals (so far) avoid being overwhelmed like has been seen in other cities.

A big surge of cases is still likely coming, but this seems to be buying us a little more time to prepare.

Broke-Ass Stuart reports that the UCSF emergency room has stayed relatively quiet 

“Over the weekend, we typically see around 200 patients per day in the ER, and this weekend we saw less than half of that volume, approximately 80-90 people we’re seen on Saturday, about half of those patients came in because of symptoms suspected of being COVID-19.” – UCSF Emergency Room contact; Dr. Nathan Teismann

Six Bay Area counties (and the city of Berkeley) were the first in the nation to get aggressive with stay-at-home orders. And after 14 days, doctors are reporting fewer cases then they expected at this point and credit the lockdown with helping.

“While we still predict an upcoming surge… social distancing has given us more time to put a lot of pieces in place to prepare.” – Stephen Parodi, Infectious Disease Doctor, Permanente Medical Group

It’s no time to celebrate yet, but we’ll take small signs of progress. There is still likely to be a surge but the more you social distance, the slower the surge of cases is likely to be. So keep it up, Bay Area. Stay home.

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