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Vandals Destroy SF’s Lands End Labyrinth

Sadly, the iconic labyrinth will need to be rebuilt again
By - posted 3/4/2021 No Comment

Thanks Eric Mar for sharing the sad news that San Francisco’s beautiful Lands End Labyrinth was recently destroyed.

Based on Mar’s photos, it looks like vandals removed every single rock from the labyrinth which was originally created by San Francisco artist Eduardo Aguilera in 2004. All of the rocks that were laid out into 11 concentric circles which were most likely thrown into the ocean leaving behind only the faint tracings in the dirt.

Unfortunately, the labyrinth has experienced similar acts of vandalism before. According to Atlas Obscura, it’s been destroyed twice, but it was thankfully rebuilt each time by Aguilera. In 2015, after it was ruined again, its caretaker Colleen Yerge organized a rebuilding party to help recreate the iconic rock labyrinth.

Thank you Eric Mar for helping to replace a one ring of the labyrinth. Hopefully, the full labyrinth will be restored soon.

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