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How to Volunteer: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

Here’s how to give back and help make the most amazing event of the year possible
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Want to be involved behind the scenes of one of San Francisco’s most amazing free events?

The 2017 Hardly Strictly Bluegrass music festival is one of the great gifts given to the city each year, and you can give back by choosing to volunteer for a shift (or two) to help this festival run smoothly and stay free.

What are the Perks of Volunteering?

  • This might change slightly from year to year, but typically as a benefit to being a volunteer, you get a free exclusive T-shirt, free lunch and snacks.
  • And if you volunteer for two or more shifts, you’ll get access to the “Friends and Family” viewing sections
  • Plus the good feeling of knowing you helped out with this amazing festival.

Volunteer at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2017
– Shifts available Wednesday (10/4) through Sunday (10/8)
Volunteer FAQ | Volunteer Signup

>> Sign-up to volunteer to work a shift, but hurry as it’s a very popular event and they’ll close the opportunity once all spots for each shift are taken.

Volunteering Positions

Decor: Volunteers in our decor department help to both set up and beautify our many stages. This position is most critical during our setup and take down periods, but work continues throughout the weekend. These positions are typically stationary, with volunteers keeping primarily to one or two stages.

Recycling: Our recycling department helps to keep Golden Gate Park beautiful, by helping to manage our waste facilities and keeping an eye on the condition of the festival as a whole. This position is typically mobile and semi-autonomous, allowing our volunteers to go where they are needed and to see music while they work.

Bike Valet: Bike valet department needs active, enthusiastic individuals to keep the festival running when people arrive and when it comes time for them to leave. This position is highly active, as volunteers will assist patrons as they check their bikes into and out of our valet section. Speed is of the essence, but it is an energizing and fun experience.

Parking: Parking volunteers will assist with helping vehicles find their respective parking zones, and is a stationary position that relies on our volunteers being able to provide information in an accurate and friendly way.

Museum & Penny Press: Volunteers in our museum will enjoy a stationary and air-conditioned position, as they answer questions about the museum and ensure its smooth operation. Our souvenir penny press is a stationary outdoor position that has our volunteers using a simple crank to turn pennies into souvenir coins. Both are social and engaging positions, and need people with friendly dispositions.

Hospitality: Hospitality volunteers will help our managers to keep the festival staff and our artists fed and happy. This position requires capable, competent volunteers who are not shy about delivering water and snacks across the festival. This is an active but rewarding post, and affords a great perspective on the inner workings of the festival.

Other positions arise if need be as the festival progresses. Competent volunteers may be asked to help out with our Friends and Family section, our Info Booths, or our Merchandise, but these positions are not typically staffed before the event starts.

  • While volunteering at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass is a fun and enjoyable experience, they do have a few regulations to keep our program running smoothly.
  • Drinking is prohibited while volunteering
  • Smoking is prohibited while volunteering
  • Dogs are not allowed while volunteering
  • Please be respectful of our backstage environment (i.e. please don’t harass artists or staff)
  • Lost shirts/passes will not be replaced
  • Bring a water bottle! They will have a water station to use but will NOT provide bottled water
  • Meals will be provided, but they are first come, first serve so please take breaks to eat
  • Sign up early to get your preferred time slot (visit the music schedule to time your shift around the bands you want to see)

So if you’re looking for a way to give back to the festival that gives San Francisco so much free fun each year, learn more about how to volunteer and get a behind-the-scenes peek at one of the country’s biggest free music festivals and know that you helped make it happen.