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Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights Day: Fishing, Boating & Camping | Angel Island

Celebrate children’s access to nature on Angel Island from 10:30 am to 3 pm on July 17 and 18, 2015.

Park rangers and staff will be hosting activities where kids have the chance to: 1) play in a safe place; 2) explore nature; 3) learn to swim; 4) go fishing; 5) follow a trail; 6) camp under the stars; 7) ride a bike; 8) go boating; 9) connect with the past; and 10) plant a seed.

Activities are free and suitable for kids aged 5-18, but you’ll still need to take the ferry from Tiburon ($15 adults; $13 kids) or by ferry from Pier 41, San Francisco ($9 adults; $4.75 kids).

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