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Galentine’s or Valentine’s Weekend Escape Room Celebration | Berkeley

Come celebrate Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day weekend at Clues and Gumshoes Escape Room. The first and only escape room in Berkeley.

Special Valentine’s Rates:

  • Thursday (2/13/20)
  • Friday (2/14/20)
  • Saturday (2/15/20)
  • Sunday (2/16/20)

Clues and Gumshoes Escape Room is different from other escape room in that, we offer four differently themes rooms. All four rooms’ storylines are interconnected, yet each room is complete on their own without needing to know the other rooms’ storylines. When and if you complete all four rooms, you will be invited to participate in a scavenger hunt right in downtown Berkeley.

Also, in the digital age we live in, it’s difficult to find anything analog. That is until now. Check out our escape rooms where you’ll be transformed back in time.

Anyone remember those projectors with the slides? Or a landline home telephone with the dials? Try to see if you can guess which room has them.

Four Differently Themed Rooms Are:

  • “Show Must Go On” go behind-the-scenes in a play and you might just be the star
  • “Captivated at Sea” step inside Jackie’s favorite book of a ship overtaken by pirates
  • “Hideaway” a treehouse built by loving parents for their child, Jackie. Who doesn’t want to be a kid again possibly unlock a fun game along the way?
  • “Toys and Tragedy” experience what goes on in Jackie’s mind as you enter inside one of her very own scary story

Each room is 60 minutes. See if you can escape in time and set some records while you’re at it.

Use the promo code “sffuncheap” for $25 per person per room booked.

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