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“The Glass Room” A Black Mirror-ish Pop Up Shop | Oct. 16-Nov. 3

The Glass Room is a pop-up store with a twist, displaying products and provocations where nothing is actually for sale.

“Go to The Glass Room. If Black Mirror had a showroom, this would be it.” – Baratunde Thurston’

Instead, the objects in The Glass Room bring to life the hidden aspects of everyday technologies, giving visitors a deeper understanding of how they change the way we live and are reshaping our cities, our culture, and even our selves. See the exhibits.

The Glass Room has previously opened in Berlin, New York, and London and has launched over 143 Glass Room community events in 29 countries, attracting 133,000 visitors and sparking a global conversation on the technology we use in our everyday lives.

The Glass Room
October 16 – November 3, 2019 | Noon to 8pm Daily
838 Market St., across from Westfield San Francisco Centre
FREE and open to the public

  • Notes on Apology Tour – a Rolodex containing over 300 apologies, regrets, pledges or promises made by Mark Zuckerberg, based upon the notebook he left open on the table at Congressional hearings that revealed his ‘notes’ for apologies
  • Quick Fix – a vending machine that will instantly sell you followers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • Smell Dating – a dating website that lets you choose matches based on smelling a worn t-shirt

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