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Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” Outdoors | AIDS Memorial Grove

A gang of Bay Area theatre makers got together and decided they wanted to do some ass-kicking bare bones Shakespeare this summer: just bodies and words and the great outdoors, and you.

Cut down to just one hour and packed with baller actors, this is a Caesar that will leave you reeling… and also get you off home before the sun goes down. It’s on for two nights only (and it’s free.)

Free Kick-Ass Shakespeare in the Park: “Julius Caesar” 
Friday, July 18, 2014 | 7 pm
National AIDS Memorial Grove, Nancy Pelosi, Dr. & Bowling Green Dr. in Golden Gate Park

Getting There: 
Getting to the Grove is easy. They will be located in the eastern end of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park at the intersection of Bowling Green Drive and Nancy Pelosi Drive (formerly Middle Drive) – across from the tennis courts.

The players are:

Siobhan Doherty – Cassius
Juliana Egley – Decius/Octavius
Ponder Goddard – Soothsayer
Maura Halloran – Caesar
Ann Hopkins – Casca/Pindarus/Clitus
Eric Kerr – Calpurnia/Portia
Caitlyn Louchard – Brutus
Roneet Aliza Rahamim – Metellus/Messala
Lauren Spencer – Marc Antony
Jacinta Sutphin – Cinna/Titinius/Strato

Rem Myers – Director
Emily White – Costumes
Jenna May Cass – Text coach

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