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LaborFest 2020: Resist, Revolt, Building a New Future (July 1- 31)

LaborFest opens its 27th annual festival on July 1, 2020, with a month of timely events inspired by local and international labor activists and labor history. The program schedule includes both international and local films and videos, a labor history walk and bike tour, lectures, forums, readings, theatrical and musical performances. Most events are free of charge but donations by the public will be accepted.

LaborFest is committed to providing unique and relevant labor theme events while practicing proper social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no printed program booklet and all LaborFest 2020 program events will be available online only at https://laborfest.net/.

Events will be available through YouTube or Facebook using a web address provided in the program schedule. Live Zoom based events will require preregistration if you want to participate. Events are subject to change or cancellation due to COVID-19 related issues. Check our website at https://laborfest.net/ prior to each event.

  • 7/1 Art Show – The Future Challenges Us Now – Curated by David Duckworth (Zoom)
  • 7/2 S. Africa & COVID and Class Struggle – video, a report by Martin Jansen in S. Africa (Live Zoom)
  • 7/3 Film- “Sir, No Sir”(2005) 50 min – followed by discussion (Live Zoom)
  • 7/4 Performance – Fascism & American Capitalism – by David Lee Morgan (Zoom)
  • 7/4 SF Mime Troupe – Tales of The Resistance – Original Radio Serial
  • 7/4 Police, Labor & Union in America – presentation & discussion (Live Zoom)
  • 7/5 San Francisco General Strike – presentation by Gifford Hartman (Live Zoom)
  • 7/5  Labor History Bike Tour – by Chris Carlsson – Meet at 518 Valencia
  • 7/5  Internecine Warfare, Class Struggle, and The George Floyd Uprising – George Wright, Steve Zeltlzer (Live Zoom)
  • 7/6  AB5, Tech Robber Barons And Slavery – with Steve Hill and Edward Escobar (Live Zoom)
  • 7/7  Bread & Roses Labor History Story Telling with Retired Union Members (Zoom)
  • 7/7  History of Labor Parties in The US nd Prospects Today – discussion (Live Zoom)
  • 7/8  Labor & The Arnautoff Murals – with Howard Pflanzer – (Live Zoom)
  • 7/10 Film – “Gone Postal” – Live Q&A with director Jay Galione (Live Zoom)
  • 7/11  Privatization charters & The Defense Of Public Education – panel discussion (Live Zoom)
  • 7/12  Technology, Lawsuits & How to Fight Union Busting – panel (Live Zoom)
  • 7/14 Tesla Workers, Labor, Human Rights And Elon Musk (Live Zoom)
  • 7/15  Concert by Grup Yorum – from Turkey (Zoom)
  • 7/15  US Public Health System, COVID, Racism and Capitalism – panel discussion (Live Zoom)
  • 7/16 Cal-OSHA, Federal OSHA & The The Destruction of Our Health & Safety – panel discussion (Live Zoom)
  • 7/17  Xenophobia, Denialism, The Asian Pivot China, & Anti Asia Racism – panel discussion (Live Zoom)
  • 7/18 WPA Berkeley Virtual Tour – by Harvey Smith (Live Zoom)
  • 7/18 Angel IslandVirtual Tour: A history of Quarantine, Militarist Imperialism…. – by James Dexter (Zoom)
  • 7/20 Poetry & Performance – by David Mills & Howard Pflanzer (Live Zoom)
  • 7/22 The Murals and The Life of Victor Arnautoff – panel discussion (Live Zoom)
  • 7/23 Community Colleges Under Attack, The Right to Higher Public Education, …(Live Zoom)
  • 7/24 Labor History Comes Alive: “The Moment Was Now” as Film (Zoom)
  • 7/25 Oakland General Strike – by Gifford Hartman (Live Zoom)
  • 7/25Healthcare Workers & COVID in Chile & US (Live Zoom)
  • 7/26  Labor Politics and Architecture of San Francisco – by Brad Wiedmaier -Walk
  • 7/26  Poetry Reading – Giving Voices by LaborFest Writers (Live Zoom)
  • 7/26 Spoken Words – “I Can’t Breath” by Revolutionary Poetry Brigade (Live Zoom)
  • 7/28 Play – “Off The Meter” Cab driver play by John McDonagh (Live Zoom)
  • 7/29 St. Francis Virtual Walk – Housing Coops and Unions – San Francisco and Beyond (Zoom)
  • 7/30  Film & Discussion “Fordham SDS” (2014-38 min) (Live Zoom)

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