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Roaring Camp Railroads 50th Birthday Bash | Santa Cruz

Roaring Camp Railroads in the Santa Cruz mountains celebrates 50 years in 2013 and they’re throwing a Birthday Party on June 8-9, 2013 with heritage events for all ages, including the old town printing press, blacksmith and snake oil salesman shows, live music and panning for gold.

Roaring Camp 50th Anniversary Activities

  • See a real old-fashioned printing press in action and be amazed by the skill and artistry required of print makers in the past.
  • Watch Roaring Camp’s Blacksmith make tools and ornamental ironwork from the coals of a real working forge.
  • Learn about the effort that went into lighting up the darkness for past generations from their Candle Making Artisan. Demonstrations are free all day. Making your own candles costs $3.
  • Meet one of the expert Steam Engineers during a 30 minute presentation at the end of your exciting journey to Bear Mountain. Race your own Handcar down the rails for $2.
  • Try your luck in the trough panning for gold, the Roaring Camp way. Free to try. Claim jumpers can always guarantee a real gold find for $5.
  • Plus costumed characters from the Santa Cruz Mountains’ storied past will be strolling the streets of town. Visit with the Town Marshal, watch a movie in the Boxcar Theatre and listen to live music as we celebrate 50 years of making memories.
  • The Old West Photo studio will be open on weekends to take your picture posing in authentic period costumes (photos start at $18).

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