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7×7 Mile Art Project & Walk: “Lines Made By Walking” | SF

Lines Made By Walking is comprised of five excursions departing from StoreFrontLab (337 Shotwell St) and ending on the water, going counter-clockwise around the perimeter of the city: North, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, Northeast.

Free, but an RSVP is required for each walk. Please note, the RSVP list is now closed.

On each walk, the group will collectively track points and moments of interest, marking them on the sidewalk with chalk and recording field notes. Throughout the month, they will transcribe these encounters in the same chalk by marking their precise locations on a map projected directly on the wall at StoreFrontLab. When the projector is off, this installation will be a scaled representation of the 7 mile by 7 mile drawing our marks make throughout the city.

“Lines Made By Walking” Schedule

All events take place at or embark from StoreFrontLab, 337 Shotwell St between 17th and 18th in San Francisco.

Want to come along? Great! Art isn’t always easy, and these walks are no exception. Here are some tips to make sure no one suffers:

  • Accessibility: These walks are long, with a blend of roads, sidewalks, and trails. Most of them go up and over significant hills. The walks are not recommended for wheelchairs, but please don’t hesitate to email your questions: herenowtogether@gmail.com
  • Food: Please eat a full meal before you come along, maybe two. Walking long distances uses a lot of energy, so fuel up. They will bring some snacks, but you should also bring some snacks along.
  • Water: Bring a bottle. There will be multiple points to fill up along the way.
  • Layers: This is San Francisco, and traversing multiple microclimates means you will go from hot to cold to hot to cold. It’s recommended that you bring sunblock, a hat, and a warm layer.
  • Cell Phones: Bring ‘em along, but you’ll probably be asked to turn them off or put them away. This is an exercise in alternative documentation: you will see many remarkable things, but you cannot take pictures of them.
  • Duration: All durations are approximate. The journey is the destination, and how long each takes depends on the group. If you’d like to stay for the entire walk, I’d recommend not making any plans for the rest of the day until at least the evening. Each walk ends at a different dining establishment that serves food and drinks.
  • Questions: Email herenowtogether@gmail.com

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