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SF Gem & Mineral Society’s “Rare Minerals” Sale (May 14-15)

Please join The S.F. Gem & Mineral Society on the weekend of May 14-15th as we host Phil Persson, of Persson Rare Minerals in Colorado, at our San Francisco clubhouse for a Mineral sale.

The event is free and will be located at our San Francisco Clubhouse at 4134 Judah Street, S.F., CA.

Hours are: Saturday10am – 2pm & Sunday 10am – 5pm.

Phil will be bringing his Colorado collection including coppers, silver and rare specimens along with materials from Franklin, New Jersey.

Persson Rare Minerals LLC is a small Denver, Colorado-based company specializing in fine and unusual mineral, ore, and rock specimens for the collectors, academics, and museums. Founded in 2012 by Phil Persson, Persson Rare Minerals builds on almost 20 years of collecting, buying, and selling mineral specimens. Persson Rare Minerals strives to offer unusual, unique specimens which “stand out from the crowd”, and come with both a historical and scientific background that makes them more than just “pretty rocks.”

On his website, a portion of Phil’s driving mission states that…

Persson Rare Minerals primarily exists for one reason- a passion for minerals, mineralogy, and geology, which has guided my life for as long as I can remember, and has allowed me to truly be in my ‘dream career.’ Helping collectors, scientists, and the public learn about minerals and their complexity, beauty and profound place in our lives and society is what motivates me every day. Helping collectors and museums build meaningful, thoughtful collections which are intellectually and aesthetically stimulating has always been my goal. The satisfaction I take in getting to handle and work with incredible natural objects every day far supersedes any financial motivation, and guides my moral compass in how I interact with and treat those around me in the mineral community and beyond.”

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