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Star Party: Dark Skies & Big Telescopes | South Bay

Join the Halls Valley Astronomical Group for a night of star-gazing happening monthly at Grant Park in the hills east of San Jose.

Knowledgeable volunteers provide a chance to look through a variety of telescopes and answer questions about the night sky.

Joseph D. Grant County Park is located in a rural area and is separated from the city lights by a 2,400 foot (700 meter) high ridge of the Diablo Mountains. Lick Observatory, on the summit of Mount Hamilton, home of the second largest refracting telescope in the world, is located 11 miles beyond the park entrance.

Public star-gazing nights take place at one of two observing sites, Telescope Row and the Halley Hill Observatory (across from campsite #22). Please note that park gates close early, so arrive on time.


Turn off your flashlights when you reach Telescope Row. Bright flashlights keep your eyes from adjusting to the darkness and make it harder for you, and others, to see astronomical objects.

Make sure your children are carefully supervised. It’s important that young children stay with a parent or other adult at all times. Follow the starparty docents’ instructions.

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