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West Portal Sidewalk Art Stroll | SF

West Portal’s Sidewalk Art Stroll takes place in the heart of one of San Francisco’s well-known neighborhoods: bustling with activity, quaint retail stores, restaurants, bookshops and coffeehouses. The three-day event runs Friday – Sunday, April 5-7 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day on West Portal Avenue between 14th and Ulloa.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy the handcrafted works by 40 artisans displaying beautiful decorative and functional pieces ranging from photography and paintings to ceramics, jewelry and much more. The show is free to the public and is presented by the West Portal Avenue Association. Among the featured artists at this year’s art stroll:

Tile Art
Artist Justine Tatarsky creates beautiful, hand-painted ceramic tile art. These tiles can be hung inside or outside, displayed on tables and shelves, and installed permanently. Patrons can choose from single tiles (6 inch, 12 inch, and other sizes) to multiple tile paintings. “More often, I am inspired to work by an emotional impulse, rather than a theme or concept,” Justine says. “There is no printing or mechanical process involved in creating the editions; they are all drawn out and painted entirely by hand.”

Angie Angell designs and builds handcrafted leather tote bags, journal covers and other accessories. Her creations all have different patterns, pocket colors, and hardware, and are constructed in small batches depending on what materials are available. “Everything has it’s own vibe and there is something for everyone,” she says. “I want to create things that people can use — things that are fun and different and functional.”

Carved Wooden Spoons
From an early age David Rully discovered a love of woodworking, making such things as benches, and a desk among other things. Today he makes wooden spoons intended for everyday use even though some customers say they are art to be hung on their wall. These utensils are heirloom quality hardwood. “I pride myself on the innovative and ergonomic design of my spoons that are personal to the user,” David says. “One of the more satisfying aspects of my work is designing specialty spoons for those who need something to fit their hand, either for personal satisfaction or due to a physical challenge. I also specialize in heirloom reproductions, such as Grandma’s spoon that you’re afraid to use since it’s so old.”

David Wertheimer‘s art is high quality unique home decor with a style that combines mid-century modern and steampunk. His table lighting, wall shelves and geometric wall art is designed with clean lines, simple shapes and beautiful woods, highlighting the natural grain and color. “Most of my pieces are original, inspired by the materials I have, a melding of pieces seen in San Francisco and in my travels, or on commission to meet particular needs and aesthetics,” says David. “All products are handcrafted and lovingly finished by myself.”

For more information about the West Portal Sidewalk Art Stroll contact the West Portal Avenue Association at (415) 566-3500 or Pacific Fine Arts Festivals at (209) 267-4394 or visit https://www.pacificfinearts.com/. You can also see more information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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