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Bay Area Kid Invents 3-D Printed Tool to Help You Avoid Coronavirus

Local 12-year-old prints and sells device to help you avoid touching door handles and ATM buttons
By - posted 5/11/2020 No Comment

Tired of using your sleeve to cover your hands when you open a door?

If you want to avoid touching surfaces like door handles, ATM buttons, grocery store freezer section doors, a kid might have invented something that you’ll love. Thanks to KTVU FOX 2 for introducing us to a Bay Area 12-year-old kid who manufactures 3-D printed devices to try to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

The pandemic inspired Mizan Rupan-Tompkins, a 12-year-old Silicon Valley whiz kid to create Safe Touch Pro Handle A pocket-sized grabber and poker for reducing germ exposure in public places. He started making it just for his parents, then started printing them for the public with just one 3D printer and now has three printers. Each tool takes about 30 minutes to make.

According to the website, the device kills harmful microbes fast and eliminates 99% of bacteria. And in true Bay Area fashion, it’s claimed to be 100% planet-based,

Other uses and benefits are:

  • Avoid touching public touchscreens like ATMs and store checkouts
  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to open doors, press buttons, pull levers and switches
  • Eco-Friendly Material made using strong plant-based material that is bio compostable
  • Easy to Carry light on your keychain
  • Made in the USA to support American jobs

Currently they are sold out, but when they are back you can buy it for $14.99 on sale or $19.99 for their original price. 

Mizan has put his creative mind to work designing, iterating, and prototyping the perfect solution for avoiding germ-filled surfaces in our everyday life. With the help of friends and family Mizan has been able to share his life-changing device with countless health care professionals, first responders, and everyday health-conscious citizens just like you.

You may support Mizan by simply sharing his website with your family and friends. You can also donate here.