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A 145-acre Golf Course in SF Has Been Turned into a Public Park

The Presidio Golf Course becomes a park open for walkers, joggers and families. Just no dogs, please.
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Thanks to Business Insider for sharing the news that a closed public golf course in SF was turned into a public park to open more outdoor space.

The 145-acre Presidio Golf Course was ordered to closed during the region-wide shelter-in-place order. Last weekend, the closed golf course instead served as a public park. So instead of golfers, the course was turned over to families, walkers and joggers.

UPDATE as of 4/30 – The Presidio golf will be officially re-opening for golf on May 4th – so this likely means the end to the course being a public park.

Presidio Golf Course Rules during Shelter in Place: No golf permitted, but open for walking. No dogs are allowed on the Presidio Golf Course.

And although most people seemed to be thankful for the change, many questions the point of having huge valuable swatches of land, in a city where space is a premium. reserved for golfers in the first place.