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6 Year Old Helps Raise $200,000 for Oakland Zoo

Adorable Andy makes bracelets and sends 100% the donations to the Oakland Zoo
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Andy is a 6-year-old girl from Oakland who loves the zoo and was heartbroken to hear that the Oakland Zoo may have to shut down. She started a fundraiser by donating the $5 she received from the Tooth Fairy. But she didn’t end there.

She is also making bracelets for every donation over $25 – and 100% of your donations will go to the Oakland Zoo.

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Today, Andy’s fundraiser just passed $200,000. Andy wants to say Thank you so much for all the donations/support/shares. This experience has given many of us a renewed sense of hope for our future. There is so much good when we come together.

She has been busy making bracelets. Many of her classmates and friends are helping her thread hundreds of bracelets. Currently have a list of 400 to fulfill and ship.

Watch Andy’s short video message.