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Balboa Theater’s “Rock Lotto” Music Video Party

Rock out at Balboa Theater’s outdoor parklet for Music Video Party on Friday, 2/12.
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Join us in Balboa Theater’s outdoor parklet for the “Balanced Breakfast Music Video Party” showing music videos from 10 of 2020’s Rock Lotto bands on Friday, February 12th from 6-9 pm.

The venue has a large screen, snacks, and lots of seating. This will be a social distanced event. Please wear your masks.

What is Rock Lotto?

Never heard of Rock Lotto? Here is the scoop, on October 31st bands were created by drawing names from a hat. They were given 4 weeks to meet, practice, and record. At the end of the 4th week, all of the bands showcased their 10-minute music videos for your viewing pleasure. That’s right, the newly-formed bands, with members from cities around the world, only had one month to write, rehearse, and record 10 minutes of original music; and then if that wasn’t enough, they had to add the music to a video.

This would be hard if all the bands could meet in person, but since we are socially distancing and nobody is located in the same city, the bands can not meet in person. Thus these new bands with members from around the world had to learn how to practice, record, and release virtually. Sound hard? It is.

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