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This is BART’s New Seat Layout Being Tested

As more people head back on BART, expect some changes to help with social distancing
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To welcome riders back and regain confidence in public transit, BART is taking the following 15 steps while continuing to explore new measures and technologies that could assist in a safe recovery. Here are two of the new updates.

New Seat Configuration Being Tested

Unlike the old cars, the layout of BART’s “Fleet of the Future” is much more flexible with modular seating so that BART can more quickly and flexibly test different seat layouts. BART will pilot a new configuration of seats that could potentially help create space between riders. Updated CDC guidelines indicate coronavirus does not spread easily from contact with contaminated surfaces and that person to person contact is the main source of coronavirus spread.

At first this new configuration will be implemented on one car on board a Fleet of the Future train. The seating will be “longitudinal” with a single row of seats with their backs against the side of the train allowing for more room in the middle of the cars for people to socially distance themselves. The new layout will be put into service for piloting starting next week.Then BART will see how people respond and observe if it offers more space and should be implemented on more trains and more cars.

BART is looking at ways to create as much space to spread out as possible. BART does not plan to block off seats for use because it is difficult to enforce and is subject to vandalism.

Read the full 15 step plan for BART

BART will Aim for 30 people max per car

BART is committed to running service that allows for social distancing. We will continue to run long trains all day to allow riders to spread out. BART has determined riders can maintain social distancing of 6 feet on-board train cars with no more than 30 people per car. Social distancing of 3 feet can be achieved with no more than 60 people per car.

BART is currently running service every 30 minutes on weekdays, but we are monitoring ridership daily and will add additional trains during commute hours in the 15-minute slots once data shows that train cars consistently have more than 30 people on board. As businesses allow for staggered shifts, BART will extend the hours of 15-minute frequencies.

Riders should expect a 9 pm closure for the time being. We are planning our budget in a way that will allow us to scale up when the recovery creates demand. If demand and revenue are low, we will need to continue 30-minute frequencies. Riders are encouraged to check BART’s real time departures feature online and on the official BART app before heading to the station as the Trip Planner will show a 30-minute base schedule and may not always reflect 15-minute service the day it becomes available. Added trains will show on real time departures.


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