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BART’s Ugly Holiday Sweater Sold Out in Just 40 Minutes

Limited-edition sweaters are sold out, but you can still win one
By - posted 12/2/2021 No Comment

Thanks to KRON4 for sharing the news that BART created a limited edition ugly holiday sweater.

BART joined the ever-fun ugly sweater phenomenon and produced their own version featuring the BART logo, colors and a Fleet of the Future train.

After a video shared on Twitter featuring Principle Vehicle Systems Engineer Charles Franz rocking a BART holiday sweater, replies came in inquiring where one could buy the unique sweater.

Thankfully, BART delivered and announced they were releasing a limited amount and boom. Just like that, they sold out in 40 minutes.

Sweaters were $60, but if you missed out, there’s still a way to cop one. BARTable is doing a giveaway for the novelty sweater. Enter the BARTable giveaway.