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“Bearsun” Life-Size Teddy Bear’s Final Day in San Francisco

After 380 miles, life-size teddy bear is wandering around SF Saturday morning looking for the Golden Gate Bridge
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Bearsun, the life-size teddy bear (aka Jessy Larios) who planned to walk 380 miles from LA to San Francisco in an adorable bear costume is finally made it after 482 miles.

According to the SF Chronicle, Jesse Larios left LA on April 12th carrying his phone, charger a flashlight and a few personal items. He met lots of dogs and cops along the way and livestreamed portions of the trip, often playfully chiding people for asking him basic questions.

“Where do I sleep? On my back, people!”
“How do I poop? Out of my butt!”

He finally crossed the border and made it into the city of San Francisco in the morning of Saturday, April 24th wandering through Dolores Park, the Haight (with a stop at Ben & Jerry’s), Golden Gate Park and up Park Presidio until he spied the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time. There he crossed the bridge with dozens of well wishers ending with a big “Let’s Gooooooo” at the lookout on the Marin side.

He ended up raising $17,000 which he planned to donate to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Once he fixes his bear suit (it got pretty trashed along the journey) he plans to make a new trip from LA to San Diego and Las Vegas, and then plan a cross-country trip from LA to New York City.

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UPDATE – as of 3:40p is all over!  He crossed the bridge jogging the last bit and then took photos from the Vista point in Marin and said “its not over” since he still needed to decide which non profit to donate all of the GoFundMe money to.


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UPDATE – as of 3:10p He is live and starting to cross the bridge!!

UPDATE – as of 2:43p Bearsun saw the GG Bridge for the first time from a path in The Presidio. He said he plans to go live around 3:05p with his buddy Brock manning the phone. Almost there!

UPDATE – as of 2:08p Bearsun is on Park Presidio walking towards the Presidio

UPDATE – as of 1.30p bearsun posted on Instagram Live that he would be at the Golden Gate Bridge in 2 hours, which would be about 3:30p.

UPDATE  – As of 1pm Bearsun was in Golden Gate Park after visiting Ben & Jerry’s on Haight

According to a post late Friday night, he said he expected to be at the Golden Gate Bridge around Noon or 1pm on Saturday, but please note that the time can vary dramatically

Follow the insanely positive Bearsun Live on Instagram (update – as of 8:39am he turned his live feed off) and watch him on his final day with his goal of crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. UPDATE – he says once he gets across the border into San Francisco he’s turning his feed off and you’ll have to find him in person.)

How to Follow Bearsun when his Instagram Live feed is off:
Once he turns his feed off, you can find other people posting photos of him on Instagram on #bearsun or #iambearsun

Watch the 1 hour archive Saturday morning’s livestream from about 7:45a to 8:45a where he walked from Daly City to the border of San Francisco

“I’m not telling you where I’m at. You’re going to have to try to find me. I’m going to run around the city for a few hours… there is no specific route. If you’re lazy just come meet me at the bridge” – @bearsun – 8:32am on 4/24/21

You can also donate to his GoFundMe where he says he will donate all the proceeds to charity or non-profits.

UPDATE – As of 10:48am – Bearsun was spotted in Dolores Park


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UPDATE – As of 10:05am – He was spotted in the Excelsior near Silver and Mission

UPDATE – As of 8:39am – Bearsun finally crossed over into the border into San Francisco from Daly City and turned off his Instagram Live feed.

UPDATE – As of 8:25am, Saturday, April 24 – He’s right near the border of San Francisco but missed his turn on 19th but doesn’t seem to be in any rush to walk straight to the Golden Gate Bridge and will try to hit as many places in the city as possible. He asked for someone to come find him with a dog to walk with him.

He says that as soon as he gets to the border of San Francisco, he’s going to turn his Instagram feed off and you’ll have to find him.

UPDATE – As of 8:20am, Saturday, April 24 –  As of of Saturday morning at 8:00am he said was “wandering around San Francisco without a map.” but was actually in Daly City He says he’s not giving directions as to wear exactly he is, but you are welcome to come find him and take pictures as long as you don’t slow him down.

He says it’s a “bear hunt” and “come and try to find me”, but he has no directions and will run/walk all over San Francisco until he reaches the bridge.

According to passersby giving him directions he’s currently in Daly City near John Daly and 19th as of 8:20am. He says he’ll keep his Instagram Live feed on until about 8:30am and then will go live again later in the day.


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