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Berkeley Starts $100 Fines for Mask Violations

Fines up to $500 for repeat offenders. Revenue made from penalties goes to buy masks.
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Thanks to the Daily Cal for letting us know that the Berkeley City Council approved penalties for mask violations this week.

The City Council approved an ordinance allowing the city to issue people and businesses fines for violating the Berkeley’s COVID-19 public orders. This includes requirements to use facial coverings while outside of the home and restricting outdoor gatherings to under 12 people.

Current mask rules for Berkeley: Requires everyone to visibly carry face coverings when outside their home, and wear it over their nose and mouth when within 30 feet of others.

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$100 penalties can now be issued for first-time violations can be up to $500/day for repeat offenders. Penalties can be waved in cases of financial hardship and any revenue collected from fines will be used to buy masks for people who need them. 

According to KQED, there are few exceptions to the mask wearing mandate

Berkeley Mask Exemptions:

  • Have documentation from a medical professional that advises you not to wear a face covering
  • Have trouble breathing or a physical disability that prevents you from wearing a face covering
  • Are not able to take off a face covering without help
  • Are in a work situation where wearing a face covering would create a safety hazard

Read more at the Daily Cal.