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See Berkeley’s Dancing Mailboxes Celebrate Inauguration

Berkeley’s mini dance party championed the unsung heroes of the election, mailboxes
By - posted 1/21/2021 No Comment

Some people in Berkeley celebrated the Presidential Inauguration in a unique way, championing the unsung heroes of this election cycle, our US mailboxes.

Thanks to ABC7 for sharing the story of the dancing mailboxes in downtown Berkeley.

A few Berkeley residents dressed up as U.S.P.S. mailboxes and held a mini dance party. The two dancing mailboxes were soon joined by two more iconic blue mailboxes to celebrate the end of this election cycle.

Speaking for the mailboxes, Larry Bogad commented, “You know how hard it is to digest 65 million ballots and count them accurately? There were a lot of people picking on us mailboxes. We’re just civil servants doing our job.”

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