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“Bike Library” of 500 E-Bikes Coming to Oakland?

Oakland plans to use a $1 million grant to bring a fleet of e-bikes to low-income neighborhoods
By - posted 8/10/2022 No Comment

Oakland is launching an electric bike library as part of a brand new pilot program.

The City of Oakland will use the Clean Mobility Options Mobility Project Voucher funds of $1,000,000 to fund a new electric bike library, which could launch as early as this winter, according to Oaklandside.

Electric bikes are a transformative technology that can greatly increase the range and accessibility of bicycles while helping reduce dependence on car ownership. However, they are prohibitively expensive for many low-income communities. Adaptive bikes, which serve persons with disabilities, are particularly expensive.

The Oakland E-bike Library will provide priority communities with access to affordable medium and long-term rentals with approximately 500 e-bikes, cargo bikes, adaptive bikes and scooters, while supporting community-run bike shops to perform maintenance and educate users.

The program will also provide e-bike safety training for users.