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Chabot Space & Science Center Reopens Nov. 12

Don’t miss their brand new NASA Ames Visitor Center with hands-on exhibitions
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Chabot Space & Science Center reopens November 12 with new renovations, experiences, and guidelines to ensure a fun and safe visit. From new artwork to new artifacts, there’s something new for everyone at the Center.

Reopening Weekend Celebration

November 12-14

We’re kicking off Chabot’s reopening with a three-day Center-wide celebration. This exciting weekend features scientists from NASA’s Ames Research Center and their captivating work, as well as performances by the Piedmont Children’s Choir, drop-in workshops with community partners, space-themed collaborative builds, robotics demonstrations by teen Galaxy Explorers and more.

What’s New At Chabot

The NASA Experience

The NASA Experience is a hands-on exhibition that brings to life the thrilling, challenging and inspiring process of scientific discovery by showcasing the real stories and people at NASA’s Ames Research Center. Visitors step into the role of a NASA scientist through embarking on hands-on challenges, exploring more than 30+ objects that showcase Ames’ past and future, and getting to know real NASA scientists.

Renovations Throughout The Museum

Transformative renovations to the Center include significant updates to the museum’s layout, furniture, courtyard, signage and paint to create a more comfortable and welcoming museum experience.

New Activities, Demonstrations and Videos by Teen Galaxy Explorers

Teen-led science demonstrations, activities and video interviews by Chabot’s Galaxy Explorers throughout the Center engage visitors in NASA research, as well as current topics and careers in space exploration.

New Murals

Spectacular new murals from local artists Cece Carpio and Lindsey Millikan can be found in Chabot’s Spees Building.

New Collaborative Build Zone in Project Create

Chabot’s popular making exhibition, Project Create, returns with new activities and a space-themed collaborative build zone.